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North American Western Dressage

"Western Dressage is all about classical horsemanship as a foundation for any discipline and is deigned to help western riders use the training scale to provide a step-by-step progression for training and relationship building.
"Whether you are a pleasure rider, jumper. barrel racer, or trail rider, Western Dressage promotes long-term soundness and enhances the relationship between horse and rider.
"North American Western Dressage offers casual, fun, and affordable ways to learn about Western Dressage in the form of clinics and VIRTUAL shows."

"NAWD" Offers:

Six Feet on the Ground groundwork Tests
Western Dressage Tests
Western Dressage Freestyle Tests
NAWD Trail Tests (both In Hand and Ridden tests)
Ranch Horse Dressage Tests
Lead line Pre-Intro Tests
Therapeutic Dressage Tests
Educational Opportunities

NEW in 2017!!!!
Long-Reining Dressage
Created in partnership with Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship and Amanda Lane

Both Amanda and Michaela Lane are Professional Members and Licensed Judges for North American Western Dressage. Visit their website or contact us to learn more about NAWD and how we can help you get involved and experience the education and fun of Western Dressage!

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