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(prices on horses are subject to change with the advancement of training)

 Mr. Bingley -$3000- SOLD
2011 Arabian Grey Gelding 15.1hh
Mr. Bingley is a nice rose grey in color. Mr. Bingley has had over 1yr profession training by Double Lane Horsemanship and competed in the American Horsewoman's Challenge 2014 in Guthrie, OK last fall.... There he competed along with nationwide known trainers in 3 disciplines, Liberty, Cowboy dressage, and Extreme Cowboy Race. He is still young at 4yrs but has great exposure and great training. He could go ANY direction! He I super sweet and LOVES people. He stands about 15hh. He has been started over fences a little and has excelled at Cowboy Dressage. He stands good for vet and farrier, loads like a dream. Bathes and clips too. We regret to sell him. He will make a great horse for someone. Here is the link for his Cowboy Dressage performance.

Zippos Just Good Times (Chloe)$- 3000- or lease
2011 APHA Bay Mare 15.2hh

Zippos Just Good Times, Chloe, is an amazing 4yr old bay, APHA mare. She is well bred with great potential. A good home is a MUST! Chloe has had apox. 1 year professional training by Double Lane Horsemanship and has been under saddle since January. Chloe has been started hunt and has done 3 Hunter Jumper/Pleasure Shows this summer so far with a few more on the schedule for the season with lots of ribbons to show for it. She has started over crossrails and competed over course...s. She is still green and a strong, forward horse that will need a confident, strong rider. She LOVES jumping and has a hard time resisting even over ground poles. Chloe has also had basics of liberty training, pivots on the fore and hind, side passes, ground ties, and beginning flying lead changes. She loads, stands for vet and farrier, been 100% sound, clips, bathes. Asking $4000. Located at Western Trails Equestrian Center in West Bend.
Pictures and videos available upon request or on our Facebook page Double Lane Horsemanship LLC.

Ace$- 3000- SOLD
2007 AQHA Dun Gelding 15.2hh

This is Ace an 8yr Dun Quarter Horse gelding. Ace has had years of professional training by Doug Allar, who rode and trained him as a 2yr old stud, then Steve Lundean and now Double Lane Horsemanship. He is a very sweet horse with loads of potential, which ever way you point him. He has nice gaits, trail rides, and does well with arena work. Ace bends nicely and has started a little Western Dressage training. He has the capability to ride pleasure too. The videos of him riding hunt was his first time in English tack and he did well. He is very easy going and very sweet. Ace ties, bathes, trailers, stands for farrier and would do well for at least an advanced beginner or someone that will allow continued training. Asking price is $3,000. Check out videos on our page!

Sadie$- SOLD -
2007 Rescue Appaloosa Mare 13.3hh

Sonador$- SOLD
2007 Rescue Paint Gelding 14hh

Sadie and Sonador were rescued horses that came into training starting mid November. Both of these little guys will make some great horses. Sadie is laid back and would make a good lesson pony. Both of these horse are super smart and quick to learn. They have been started under saddle and excelling fast. Please help these great horses find a good home. Check the facebook page for recent pics and videos.

Racer Placers Inc.
These are horses available for adoption through the Non-profit organization Racer Placers Inc. Racer Placers is an equine re-homing service dedicated to the Standardbred Racehorse. They have teamed up with Double Lane Horsemanship over the past few years in furthering the training of some of these great horses to, in the end, find them great homes. To learn more about them and see more horses available, check out their website

Meet Me There (Whisper)-
2012 Standardbred Black Gelding 15hh

Whisper is an adorable gelding with personality and love. He has now been started under saddle and has a nice forward moving trot that will make a great English pleasure horse or potential Dressage. He already drives and will make someone a great partner! Watch our Facebook page for videos and pictures of his progress! 


Caramel Girl-
2011 Standardbred Brown Mare 16.2hh

Caramel Girl is a beautiful mare and pictures just don't do her justice! She is a big girl but very sweet and loves attention. Caramel Girl has a very large stride and lots or forwardness. She is harness trained and has begun work under saddle. This mare is a beautiful mover! Wonderful Dressage prospect. She is currently in training with DLH and making some great progress! Also watch our Facebook page for more videos, pictures and updates!

2005 Standardbred Black Gelding 16.3hh
Louie is a very gentle giant that is as sweet as they come. He was trained for racing however never competed. Louie loves people and will make someone a great friend. He stands for the vet and farrier, ties, and trailers great. Louie has been on trail rides and is currently under some arena/Dressage training by Double Lane Horsemanship LLC. He has a nice long, reaching stride and seems to enjoy his work. Louie will make a great Dressage prospect or arena horse, and is looking for a new home.

2011 Standardbred Black Filly 15.2hh 
Raven was started with Double Lane Horsemanship. She was an orphan at birth and lacked a lot of confidence when she frist came into the training program but has made leaps and bounds since then. She wants to please people and is very friendly. Raven has started some riding and she has made some good progress. She will make a great companion friend for someone once she finishes some more training.

Fox Valley (Recluse)- ADOPTED!
2002 Standardbred Black Gelding 14.2hh
Recluse is a gelding that has had professional training also through Double Lane Horsemanship summer 2013. He has great potential to be a wonderful trail horse. He LOVES riding along roadsides and is very safe being exposed to fast moving vehicles, tractors, busses, semis, and more. You can ride him in a group or alone, he truly enjoys it! Recluse is a very well put together gelding and a smaller type of Standardbred. A wonderful partner! Watch for him at Midwest Horse Fair!

Check My Swagger      -ADOPTED-
2009 Standardbred Bay Mare 15.3hh

Swagger is looking for a home with someone who loves leisure trail rides. She is very laid back and trails rides great! She will go out in a group or out alone, she is not buddy sour, or spooky. Swagger has a very sweet personality and LOVES people and attention. She is sound and trots, sometimes does a little running walk and has been pushed up to a canter and did well. Don't let this great mare pass you by!

Master Blend       
2001 Standardbred Bay Gelding 16.1hh
Master has just begun his training with Double Lane Horsemanship but is coming along well. He has had about 10 rides on him so far with a nice gait. He is thick and solid with a very sweet nature. Master does well in the arena with a WONDERFUL, smooth gait. He bends nicely and would do well in Western Dressage.

2004 Standardbred Bay Mare 16.1hh
Amelia is currently being trained at Double Lane Horsemanship LLC.  She isn't very spooky and is a big, solid mare with a sweet personality. the pictures don't do her justice.  She has nice gaits and will make someone a great trail horse. She can go out in a group or alone. Amelia, like most of the other Standardbreds, stands great for the vet and farrier and trailers well.

Beautiful Blend    ADOPTED!   
2002 Standardbred Bay Mare 16.1hh 

Blendi is also currently being trained at Double Lane Horsemanship LLC. She is a Trotter and has a very smooth trot. She is very sweet and has been out on trails. She would make a great endurance mare. Blendi has great personality and is also a big, thick mare.

1996 Standardbred Bay Gelding 15.2hh

Maestro came with a group of eight beautiful Standardbreds who, due to their owner’s declining health, joined us at Racer Placers. Obviously well cared for and handled kindly, these horses transitioned easily into the program and have been a pleasure to work with. He has recently begun saddle training here with Double Lane Horsemanship.

2004 Standardbred Bay Mare 14.3hh
Bug is a VERY beautifully-built little mare. The pictures don't do her justice. She is stocky and had a nice more defined head, with sweet eyes. She was raced for about 2 years and a pacer however did bowed a tendon which ended her racing career. However she is all ready to go now! With a quiet spirit she is making  progress on her training and she is one with amazing gaits. Bug actually has a beautiful balanced trot and CANTER. With some more time, she is showing great potential. She stands great for the farrier, vet and trailers.

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